To be innovative in providing sustainable community and affordable housing throughout New South Wales making a positive different to people’s lives.


  1. Create best practice through the development of communities by the provision of community and affordable housing
  2. To provide community and affordable housing for eligible clients
  3. To be the preferred developer for group homes in the disability sector

As housing affordability continues to decline across Australia, the sector is positioned to take a broader role in delivering low cost housing. In addition to very low income households and those with complex needs, the sector will increasingly expand its role in providing housing that is affordable for low to moderate income households.

There are five major changes underway that will change the face of housing associations in NSW.

  • New kinds of housing associations – brought about through mergers, new partnerships and new group structures
  • Major growth – through a NSW Government target, the development of 5,500 properties through the National Building economic stimulus and through new private investment incentives, the National Rental Affordability Scheme.
  • Taking on management of public housing
  • New business – a number of associations will move beyond property and tenancy management into property development of low cost housing. This in turn is producing new partnerships.
  • New legislation to provide certainty and assurance to stakeholders, investors and partners.

Sustain will be focussing on new business through property development and developing partnerships with reputable registered community housing providers and disability service providers. Sustain will be leveraging their assets on an on-going basis to increase their property portfolio to increase the supply of affordable and community housing, targeting people with disabilities.


Integrity: we strive to uphold the highest form of integrity towards our clients and partners

Sustainability: we strive to provide sustainable outcomes for our clients and partners

Innovation: we seek to improve and add value to our services and systems

Professionalism: we aim to achieve excellence in the delivery of our services

Compassion: we empathise with our clients and deliver housing options and and partners services fairly and consistently